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Monsieur Moonlight • E-book

Monsieur Moonlight • E-book

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Book 19 of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Join Merle and Pascal in southwest France for another exciting adventure in winemaking, romance, murder, and intrigue!

For American Merle Bennett and her French partner, Pascal d'Onscon, life in rural France is a perfect jumping off point for adventure, intrigue, romance, and mystery. MONSIEUR MOONLIGHT is number 19 in the series, following Here There and Everywhere. Read The Tomb, an epilogue of CHÂTEAU DES CORBEAUX, to follow along with elements of this story.

Life at the vineyard of Château des Corbeaux should be quiet and calm in early spring in the Dordogne. But a series of events at Pascal's office -- and at the Château itself --make it a chaotic time. Government bureaucrats search the house for illegally looted ancient objects, and one of Pascal's co-workers dies suddenly. And Merle thought keeping baby chicks alive would be her only problem this spring.

Duelling mysteries keep Merle and Pascal on their toes, combined with the arrival of an unwelcome relative. Why is he here? How can Pascal get rid of 'Monsieur Moonlight'? At the Cité du Vin the sudden death throws the office into chaos. Was the culprit a poisonous tea cake... or something else equally sinister?

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