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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

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A bit of western noir…A woman at the end of her rope.

Claire Jasper has seen enough. Her husband, a handsome cowboy and bronc rider, is away, shacked up with a buckle bunny. Claire enjoys the quiet... until the sheriff comes calling. Where exactly is Owen Jasper? Only Claire knows.

A short story set in Montana with strong mystery and suspense.

“the absolute stand out for me was `Indian Summer’ by Lise McClendon.  It was just fabulous – a great mix of good writing, good characters and a strong element of mystery. That story would stand out anywhere.” – Amazon reviewer

Another reviewer said: “She did it again: grabbed our attention with the first sentences, and didn’t release till the end. Scenery painted with wide strokes and harsh colours, characters shown with very few details, still palpably alive. A real writer, if you ask me.”

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