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Here There & Everywhere | AUDIOBOOK

Here There & Everywhere | AUDIOBOOK

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Book 18 in the Bennett Sisters Mystery series.

Read by Denice Stradling.

SUSPENSE, MYSTERY, WINE, and FAMILY DRAMA in this cozy mystery set in France, number 18 in the series.

Stretched thin between her sisters in the US and her new life in France, Merle Bennett is feeling the strain of obligations. That is even before Pascal's grape harvest goes sideways, her father falls ill, and her older sister shows up in France unexpectedly. Her son Tristan and sister Stasia then inexplicably disappear.

Can she keep hope alive and her seemingly idyllic life in a French vineyard at least a little bit charming? Is that too much to ask for?

Join Pascal and Merle for another adventure in France, roaming the vineyards of the Bordeaux wine region, struggling with things they do not yet understand. Will the neighbors stop harassing them? Who sabotaged the harvester? Where are Tristan and Stasia? Can they harvest the grapes before they spoil on the vines?

This installment of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries follows closely on the events of Château des Corbeaux, recommended but not required reading beforehand!

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