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Girl in the Empty Dress | AUDIOBOOK

Girl in the Empty Dress | AUDIOBOOK

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Book 2 of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries 
Read by Denice Stradling

Merle is back in France with all four of her sisters plus one extra, a law colleague of one sister who upsets the “finely-tuned five-spoked karma.” Merle is celebrating her 50th birthday, tramping along the backroads of the Dordogne, when the women find an injured dog in the ditch. Their idyllic women’s vacation takes a dark turn as it appears that many people are interested in this dog. 

Now, back in this corner of southwest France of dark, oaky wine, rocky hills, foie gras and earthy truffles, Merle Bennett juggles sibling bickering, her teenage son, two boyfriends, and the law. All she wants is to unwind in the golden light of France, meet up with the lovely Pascal again, bond with her sisters. But France has a few tricks up its sleeves again.

Thanks to a sad, dirty little dog and a woman with too many secrets.

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