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Château des Corbeaux

Château des Corbeaux

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Book 17 of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Pascal d'Onscon, once terrorizing wine fraud scammers across southern France, is now pushing papers for the French bureaucracy in the modern Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. But not for long. He dreams of being a vintner, his hands in the dirt, the grape on his tongue, blending his very own creation: a bottle of wine with his own label.

Pascal has spent his life surrounded by French wine and winemakers. The idea that he could run his very own vineyard is tantalizing and keeps him up at night, dreaming of finding a small vineyard he can afford, somewhere in southwest France. His companion, Merle Bennett, the middle of five lawyer sisters, has her own aspirations. Two tiny cottages are begging to be renovated for summer rentals. Will the person camping in the back garden scuttle her plans?

When Pascal puts an abandoned vineyard in his sights, he doesn't want to let go. But Château des Corbeaux, owned by two Brits, has a complicated history. Not just recently with vandalism and hostile neighbors, but long ago secrets that resurface. Reluctant sellers, his own finances, and more threaten to derail him as he struggles to work out a way to make his dream a reality.

The second Pascal d'Onscon spinoff from the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, following DEAD FLAT.

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