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The Frenchman

The Frenchman

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Ooh-la-la! Who doesn't love a Frenchman?

Merle Bennett goes back to France — and her Frenchman — in this fifth installment. Sure that being in La Belle France will help her write a novel about the French Revolution, she sets out to prove her theory correct. Pascal, her Frenchman, scoffs at this. As a policeman he knows France is pretty to look at but not all that pretty under the surface.

While Merle writes and renovates her stone cottage, Pascal encounters an old enemy, a man he put in prison years before. When Pascal disappears Merle isn’t sure if their relationship is over, or something terrible has happened.

A soupçon of danger, a brush with ‘madame guillotine,’ and the quirky characters of the French countryside, all collide here in la belle France— where, obviously, wine, sunshine, sunflowers, and Frenchmen cure all ills. Or do they?

Book 5 in the series.

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